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If you use the services provided by NearMe Inc., please be sure to read the following.

Terms of service

At the time of ordering, it is considered that you have agreed the Terms of service of NearMe Inc.

Terms and conditions of the tour

(1) This tour is planned and operated by tour agent (hereafter referred to as “agent”) and customers participating in the tour will conclude an agent organized tour participation contract (hereafter referred to as “tour contract”) with agent

(2) Agent agrees to arrange and manage travel schedule so that the customer can receive transportation and other services related to travel (hereafter referred to as “travel service”) by transportation agencies, etc. according to tour schedule decided by the agent.

■Tour fees Included: Transportation fee/service charge/consumption tax Not included: various personal expenses and accompanying tax and service charges

■Tour conductor/Bus guide None

■Minimum number of participants 1 (up to 5)

■Meals None

■Travel route Chuo City, Chiyoda City, Minato City, Koto City

■Cancellation fee (1) Cancelation 24 hours prior to tour or earlier : No charge (2) Cancelation 24 to 3 hours prior to tour : 20% of the tour fee (3) Cancelation 3 to 1 hours prior to tour : 50% of the tour fee (4) Cancelation 1 hours prior to tour, cancelation without notice : 100% of the tour fee

■Tour planning and operations No.2-7716 Travel Agency registered with a prefectural Governor NearMe, Inc 9-4, Nihonbashi-Tomizawacho Chuo-ku, Tokyo All Nippon Travel Agent Association Regular member Travel supervisor: Miho Tsuneda, Toki Minamoto Contact: https://nearme.channel.io/support-bots/19135 Business days/hours: Weekdays: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed on weekends and holidays